Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

EH Taylor Single Barrel
MSRP  $60
Proof  100
Age  4 years

Story/Background  Col. E.H. Taylor is regarded as one of the early architects of the Bourbon industry. He is credited for adding innovations like climate-controlled aging warehouses as well as marketing and merchandising to the old-world traditions and manufacturing processes of distilling. Col. Taylor was a master of promoting his products and creating brands such as Old Taylor, Hermitage, O.F.C., and Carlisle. He was a huge proponent of "pure goods" and producing Bourbon from the highest quality grain products that he could purchase. He fought hard for the passage of the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 to ensure consumers received authentic and uncontaminated whiskey. The E.H. Taylor lineup is a tribute to him and his efforts to bring radical change to the industry so many years ago. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is one of the more readily available expressions and can deliver some unique flavor profiles.

Appearance  Dark Amber

Nose  The nose begins with a big bowl of dark cherries in a honey syrup, followed by caramel, plum, butterscotch, and a chalky aroma of Smarties candies. As it sits in the glass, the dark cherries intensify into a medicinal children's cough syrup aroma, which is not at all unpleasant, while a waft of smokey oak works its way into the glass.

Nose Grade  90

Palate  At first sip, there is a beautiful medium viscosity, and you get a quick hit of spiciness on the roof of your mouth. The front of the palate is loaded with sweet churned butter, followed by orange citrus, fresh tobacco, and dark spices along the sides of your tongue.

Palate Grade  88

Finish  The finish has an added rush of tobacco, some mineral flavors, and tingling spices. It's just long enough to satisfy but also urges you to go back for another sip.

Finish Grade  88

Complexity Grade  89

Overall Grade  89

Summary  Overall this is a great whiskey with a complex nose and an equally pleasant palate. It offers a wonderful drinking experience at a good value. E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is worthy of being a permanent fixture in your whiskey collection.
Colonel EHT Smb Review

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