Weller Create Your Perfect Bourbon


Proof  95

Age  ~8 years

Story/Background  Weller Create Your Perfect Bourbon (CYPB) was crafted in a very unique way. Buffalo Trace Distillery put a section on their website where people could create their perfect bourbon by selecting the age, recipe, age, rick house level, and proof of the notional whiskey. After 2 years and with over 100,200 votes, Weller CYPB was created. This is a wheated mashbill that consists of many 8 year old barrels that were aged towards the top of the rick house. The ending proof was at 95, making it an approachable bourbon for the general population to drink. It is a limited release, and if you can find it at MSRP it will cost you $40.

Appearance  Light amber

Nose  The nose unsurprisingly starts off with a heavy note of wheat. Caramel and brown sugar come into play, with a yeasty note to follow up. Very light Rainier cherry notes present themselves upon a heavier nosing. The nose lacks a bit of complexity, but it is pleasant.

Nose Grade  75

Palate  The palate has a medium viscosity. Tannins, cherry, wheat, and sourdough bread take over the mid and back palate upon the initial sip. Black pepper coats the entire palate with a potent, yet balanced spiciness. Vanilla extract notes come in to give the whiskey a beautiful sweetness, something I find fairly common with lower-proof Weller, specifically Weller 12 year.

Palate Grade  80

Finish  The finish is medium with lots of tannins and vanilla. A little bit of that peppery spice lingers and tingles the tongue. It is pretty one-dimensional and not very pleasant with the amount of tannins present.

Finish Grade  73

Complexity Grade  85

Overall Grade  78.25

Summary  I think Buffalo Trace did a pretty good job of creating this. Compiling all of that data and then creating something to mirror it had to be difficult, and the result was a very nice whiskey that stood out despite its lower proof and general-populous conception. I would definitely pay the retail price for this whiskey, and maybe even a little over retail. If you see this for around $40, scoop it up!

Weller CYPB Review

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  • How available is this style of Weller?
    Great reivew .

    John Turoldo

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