Brandon Wilson

Brandon Wilson

My name is Brandon and I was born and raised here in Arizona. The majority of my life I’ve lived in the East Valley with a small stint in Tucson while I completed my degree in economics.

After moving back to the Phoenix area I began my career in real estate and continue to help people find their dream home or perfect investment homes. Helping owners build a rental property portfolio is something I’ve been passionate about since the start. 

I am passionate about sports, whiskey, charitable causes and supporting my friends in whatever they set out to do. I am an only child so my friends are my family and I try my best to show them.  

I found Bourbon Charity online in April of 2019 and reached out to Brandon Hunt to ask what I could do to help. I’m glad to have met such a passionate person and happy to be a part of these causes with such a great team. 

I met my wife after college and we have been together for 8 years now. We are blessed to have a our beautiful 1-year-old daughter Aubrey and one more baby on the way. They are the center of my world. We love playing in the yard, swimming, going for walks, and going breakfast on Sundays.