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Josh Ruth

The reason I have gotten involved in various charities is simple. My mother and my daughter. In college my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was one of the lucky ones who came out in good health. At the time, I didn't really realize the magnitude of what could have gone wrong and that so many people aren't lucky enough for the same outcome. 

Supporting charities that not only look for a cure to Breast Cancer but also are really big into early detection efforts has been my way of showing how fortunate and lucky I feel and how I want to pay it forward any way possible. I also think that once you have children, the thought of anything happening to them is unfathomable. And you can't imagine how helpless it must feel if they get sick and you can't make them feel better. That thought was enough for me try and help any charity that works with children, helps sick children or their families in the most awful situation imaginable.