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Be Our Valentine 2023

Each year we spend every month working to benefit our charity partners in a very public way through our various fundraisers. We also spend a great deal of time helping our partners with smaller events that they have organized that we only publicize a little or not at all.

Every year we also work with many other charities that ask us for assistance with a fundraiser or event they are putting on. We can only help some, but we do help quite a few with donations of bottles, gift baskets, etc.

While we love helping as many organizations as possible and working on our mission to mobilize the generosity of the whiskey community to help those most in need, we also need to take some time for "self-care" to ensure our organization is strong and capable of carrying on our mission. 

For the first time last year, we spent some time on "self-care," asking for your bottle donations to build up our prize inventory, and we asked you to consider joining our group of monthly supporters known as Bourbon Hood. That time was well-spent. We received nearly 100 bottle donations and gained 30 new Bourbon Hood members. That support helped to sustain us through 2022 and propel us toward bigger and better things in 2023.

So, for the next two weeks (before we go full blast into our 2023 plans), February 1-14, we will once again work on "self-care" by asking you to BE OUR VALENTINE and show us some love. We have TWO MAJOR NEEDS to ensure the health of Bourbon Charity as we move forward. We need to build our membership in Bourbon Hood, and we need highly desirable bottles and other prize donations. How you can help ...

        1. **THIS IS OUR BIGGEST NEED TO SUSTAIN OUR 100% FOR CHARITY MODEL.** Become a member of Bourbon Hood, or if already a member, consider increasing your membership to the next level of giving. Big things are coming for Bourbon Hood members in 2023. We have selected several single barrel picks: Knob Creek, Maker's Mark Private Select, and Old Elk Wheated Bourbon, which will be available exclusively to members. More barrels will be coming. We are also working on a discount program with various retail partners that will only be available to Bourbon Hood members. Plus, when you join, you get a welcome kit, free entries into our fundraisers, discounts on merchandise, and access to a private Facebook group. 
        2. **THIS IS OUR NEXT BIGGEST NEED.** Donate a bottle of highly desirable/limited whiskey or some other type of new/unopened item like a gaming system, iPad, wireless headphones, smart speakers, smart TVs, etc., to be used as prizes in our fundraisers. A bottle/prize donation will get you a free SILVER Bourbon Hood membership and all of its benefits for 2023 (a new member kit is not included). If you are a current Bourbon Hood member and make a donation, we will increase your free entries in each of our online sweepstakes by 150 entries. Start your donation here