Why support these charities/causes?

These 5 charities were chosen with purpose! They are the inspiration and motivation for our founder, Brandon, to start Bourbon Charity in the first place. We'll let him explain:

Prostate Cancer Foundation - More Info

My father, 'Pops' was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 60 years old. What was supposed to be a routine surgery to remove his prostate turned into a month long battle for his life. This one's for my old man!

Children's Tumor Foundation - More Info

A cool girl in my hometown named Camryn. 

Camryn is strong. Camryn is bold. Camryn is a fighter. Camryn is full of love. Camryn is dedicated. Camryn is the hope to end NF!

Charity: Water - More Info

1 in 10 people lack access to a basic human right.... water. Charity: Water is on a mission to change that. Nuff Said!

Fisher House - More Info

Fisher House provides a free shelter for military & veterans families, while a loved one is in the hospital. I respect the military!

Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley - More Info

I live in Chandler Arizona and have been personally involved in supporting this great organization. Our kids are our future!


Where does my donation go?

We believe in a 100% transparency and also the 100% model. What is the 100% model? Essentially 100% of public donations go directly to our supported charities. That is our goal for 2020! So for 2019 (since it is the first year) -  80% of donations will go directly to our supported charities and 20% will be be used to pay the overhead and expenses in 2019 (cost of tickets, merchandise, shipping, next years bourbon, etc.)

How will we achieve the 100% model goal in 2020? We will work extremely hard to find corporate sponsors that support our mission to move, give and love. Using corporate donations to pay for the overhead and expenses, we can ensure that 100% of public donation will go to support our charities.


    Direct Contact:

    Brandon Hunt