Where does my donation go?

We believe in a 100% transparency and also the 100% model. What is the 100% model? Essentially 100% of public donations go directly to our supported charities. That is our goal! In our first year 2019, 80% of donations went directly to our supported charities and 20% paid for the operating costs of the charity.

How will we achieve the 100% model goal in the future? We will work extremely hard to find corporate sponsors that support our mission to raise as much money as possible for Charity. Using corporate donations to pay for the overhead, inventory, and expenses, we can ensure that 100% of the public donations can go to support our charities. As we work towards our goal, in 2020 we will donate at least 80% to our supported charities and 15-20% will help us grow the Charity to raise more money for the causes we support. 

    Direct Contact:

    Brandon Hunt